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MIS Research Group is a result-oriented Michigan based Investigative agency that will go the extra mile to keep clients happy.  We have expanded into Iowa and will continue to expand throughout the country.   We utilize state of the art technology and methodology to get you the answers you require.  All of our investigators are handpicked employees that we ensure are either experienced and or have the required training to do this job well.  We also ensure that they are ethical and truly know what they are doing.  ​We have conducted hundreds of surveillance operations serving the insurance and domestic field.

All of our solutions are customizable to satisfy each client's specific's requirements including turn around times.​  

Utilize MIS Research Group for your investigative needs and you will understand our dedication to our work and keeping our clients happy..

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PI and why would I ever need one?

A PI is a private or professional investigator that is licensed in the respective state to conduct investigations.  We hope you never need a PI but when we are needed we can offer solutions to life problems such as infidelity, harassment, fraud and much more.

How long does an investigation take?

It truly depends on the case.  Even within the same parameters, cases can vary in length.

How do I know what type of services to request?

Leave it to us, let us know what issue you may be facing and we will provide a free telephone or email consultation providing you with options.

20836 Hall Road,  Suite #206

Clinton Township, MI, USA

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