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Surveillance Investigators Positions Available

Part-Time, As Needed (Experienced and Entry Level)


Interested in becoming a Private Surveillance Investigator?  Apply Now!

Applicants must reside in Iowa or Michigan

Preferred – but not required -- qualifications:

  • a degree in criminal justice, or

  • in the process of getting a degree in criminal justice, or 

  • experience as a covert surveillance investigator


No experience in covert surveillance?

No problem.  We provide training for the right candidates.


Why work for us? 

  • Flexibility – we will do our best to work around your schedule

  • Mobility -- you won’t be stuck at a desk

  • Competitive rates - $18-23 per hour depending on experience


What do you need to have to work as a surveillance investigator?

  • Current vehicle insurance

  • Current driver’s license

  • Suitable and reliable surveillance vehicle with tint

What do you need to have or be willing to get to work as a surveillance investigator?

  • Digital video camera which produces clear and stable footage with date and time stamp capability (must be approved by MIS due to industry requirements)

  • Smart phone with an unlimited plan (high speed)

  • Internet connection with an unlimited plan (high speed)

  • Secure device capable of typing reports and submitting video

Candidates will

  • Analyze data to come up with an investigative plan

  • Obtain covert, stationary, mobile and video surveillance

  • Canvass effectively

  • Write all findings into a clear and concise report within a 15-minute period

  • Submit video and reports in the prescribed manner by the end of the day


Candidates must be willing to

  • Travel to site locations and arrive by 6:00 a.m. or earlier (mileage reimbursed as per company policy)

  • Follow audit requirements including hourly video shots and GPS tracking apps

  • Undergo an in-depth background check

  • Take a drug test

  • Testify at hearings and trials

Candidates must have the

  • Flexibility to work full days of 8+ hours on site

  • Ability to remain in their vehicle for 8+ hours at a time without a break

  • Ability to utilize different computer programs effectively and quickly


Sound interesting?  Complete the application below!


Job Interviews will be virtual and remote

Employment Application
Job descriptions above

Thank you for starting the application process.

You will receive an email notification of this submission and will receive a second email shortly requesting your resume!!!

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