Surveillance Investigators Positions Available

All applicants must either

  • have a completed Criminal Justice degree, or

  • be a college student working towards a Criminal Justice degree


Candidates must possess

  • Digital video camera that produces clear and stable footage with time stamp capability (subject to MIS approval due to industry requirements)

  • Smart phone with a high speed, unlimited plan

  • Internet connection with a high speed, unlimited plan

  • Secure device capable of typing reports and submitting video

  • Suitable and reliable vehicle with tint for surveillance purposes

  • Current vehicle insurance

  • Current driver’s license


Candidates must be able to

  • Analyze data to produce an investigative plan

  • Obtain covert, stationary, mobile, and video surveillance

  • Canvass effectively

  • Write all findings into a clear and concise report within a 15-minute period

  • Submit video and reports in the prescribed manner by the end of the day


Candidates must be willing to

  • Arrive at site locations by 6:00 a.m. or earlier depending on case requirements

  • Follow audit requirements including taking hourly video shots and initiating GPS tracking apps

  • Undergo an in-depth background check

  • Take a drug test

  • Testify at hearings and trials

  • Sign a non-disclosure, non-solicitation agreement


Candidates must have the

  • Flexibility to work full days of 8+ hours on site

  • Ability to remain in their vehicle for 8+ hours at a time without a break

  • Ability to utilize different computer programs effectively and quickly



  • Entry-level Surveillance Investigators - $18 per hour

Entry level investigators will be trained in-house for 3-7 days at an hourly wage equal to the state minimum wage.  Once the training period has been successfully completed, the hourly wage will increase to $18 per hour.

  • Experienced Surveillance Investigators - $20 per hour

To be considered experienced, candidates must have one year of experience in field surveillance that includes stationary, video, and mobile surveillance.

  • Mileage - per company policy

Job Interviews are virtual and remote

COVID-19 considerations:  During training, individuals will be in separate vehicles. If two or more people are in the same vehicle, masks will be required.

Part-Time, As Needed
Experienced and Entry Level

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