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Private Investigator Resources

Before hiring a private investigator, always do your due diligence and look them up to ensure they are licensed.  In that spirit, below are some resources that should allow you to look them up.  In some cases, online checks are not provided by the regulatory authority and you will need to contact them to confirm.  Also, not all states require that PIs be licensed.

Verify An Investigator

New Mexico
South Dakota
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Rhode Island
South Carolina

Join our PI Groups

National Private Investigator Network (N.P.I.N.)

(A group for US PIs Only)

Ask a PI

(A group for the General Public)

Something we can add and you wish was there, send us a message and we will see what we can do.

Training Networks (Coming Soon)

(Articles & Video)

Learn the basics of PI work from a real PI by reading articles and watching his videos. (Coming Soon)


There are certifications and courses for virtually everything now a days and it is important to truly understand the value of the certifications.  Below are some that we believe are reputable and comprehensive.  Do you need these to be a PI?  Probably not, but they should allow you to handle certain types of cases by applying the methodologies they teach.

Fraud Examination:

Interview & Interrogation:

Background Screening:

PI Store (Coming Soon)

HD cameras, night vision cameras, cases, mounts, etc...

Whether you need professional covert gear or Standard PI Equipment, check it out.  Everything from a basic video camera, night vision to vehicular tools that make you more efficient in the job.

If there is something specific you would like to see on our online establishment that you just wish someone would sell, please send us feedback.

These resources are provided in good faith and it is the complete responsibility of the individual utilizing these resources to confirm accuracy and or validity.  By continuing to use this site, you agree to indemnify MIS Research Group LLC and its affiliates from any and all liability.

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