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Investigative Solutions

Male Photographer


Covert Solutions

We specialize in covert surveillance and excel at it.  We treat each and every case like its the only one we have and give it everything we've got to get you the results you require.  We are quick to respond, provide our clients with regular updates and our turn around times are customizable to the client's requirements. 

Monitoring Room

Locate / Skip Trace

Finding People

Need someone found, send it to us.  We utilize state of the art methodology and technology to locate people.

Judge Writing

Process Serving

Secure, Quick and Reliable

Professional Investigative Agency serving your court documents in an quick and secure manner. 

Aerial Photo of a Neighborhood

Activity Check

Investigate Prepared & Save Money

We recommend this service prior to every surveillance operation.  It should save you money in the long run by allowing us to confirm residency, activity hours, vehicles associated and surveillance set up possibilities.


GPS & Camera Placement

A Clear Solution

Need a covert camera or GPS planted and monitored, we've got you covered.  There are numerous advantages to utilizing such a service.

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