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Obtaining covert Video and identifying locations quickly by using a cellphone.

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Covert Video:

Your cellphone is a crucial tool in the surveillance tool kit.

You can use your cellphone to obtain covert video. Yep I do it all the time.


I start the recording and put it up to my ear and have a fake conversation with my wife, mother, etc...


Put headphones in and pretend your listening to music or watching a movie as it faces your subject.


Pretend to be looking something up.

you do not have to get 10 minutes of covert. Generally 10 to 30 seconds is good enough. I personally always try to get over a minute and average about 2 minutes depending on the situation.

Even with a covert cam, I always get a few seconds on my phone because I know my phone won’t fail me where as a covert cam might. It’s a redundancy system I use:

Getting Addresses:

Open google, click the locate me button, click on the store they just walked into, and screenshot.

This gives you a screenshot of the location (Address) and the time it was taken. You will need this for your report.

What it a place is not listed on google.

WHen this happens I have two options. I drop a pin on the road that I’m on, screenshot the address. I will take the road and city and say in my report something like, located at a party store off of so and so Road In Des Moines, Iowa. Or I choose a neighboring business and say located within the vicinity of that business located at..:.

What if you have no signal and you know the city you are in but not the road?

Go old school and look at a sign. Take a picture with your camera. This will give you the road and time you took the shot.

Report Rule: A report should never and I mean never have a location without an address along with City. who ever is reading the report should always be able to find the place you are talking about.

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